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Walmart Family Mobile Rewards. Sign up today for the fun and free points-based rewards program by Tracfone Wireless and get access to unlimited savings and cell phone deals.

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We care deeply about our community and employees, and we’re doing everything we can to ensure that we can continue to provide the reliable, high-quality service you count on during these challenging times.

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Ways to Add a Service Plan. You can pay for your Account Renewal by logging into MyFamilyMobile.com, visiting your neighborhood Walmart Customer Service Desk or Walmart MoneyCenter ™ where available.. Additionally, you will soon begin to see monthly Service Cards in Walmart stores. You can purchase a Service Card to add a Service Plan to your phone.

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Click on a keyword below to receive a text with information to .If you want to receive this information on a different phone number, click here to enter that number. Text the keyword you like to 611611.

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