Windows 10 Tips and Secret Tricks You Must Try

Windows 10 tips
Windows 10 tips

If you want to be a Windows 10 Pro, you should master some tips and Windows 10 hacks. Doing a simple tricks can maximize your performance in using this operating system. When you know Windows 10 hidden tricks, you will be able to use your laptop faster. This way, you will be able to be more productive.

Unfortunately, Microsoft does not publish the hidden features on Windows 10. But, you can check the Windows 10 tips and tricks below to be more professional. But before doing the tricks below, make sure that you have updated your Windows 10.

  • Minimize all of the windows.

When your laptop screen has too crowded open windows, you can minimize them quickly by clicking the window’s title bar that you want to keep it open. After that, you can hold down the mouse then move it back and forth quickly.

  • Open the Start menu.

If you want to open the Start menu, you usually click on the Windows icon at the left bottom corner of your screen. But, Windows 10 enables you to access other important features such as Control Panel, Command Prompt, and task Manager easily. You just need to press Windows Key + X.

  • Set a reminder or event without opening Calendar app.

Click on the time and date on the taskbar. Then, select the date when you want to add any event or reminder. You can write down the name of the event, location, and time. do not forget to save it.

  • Screenshot

It is actually a basic skill you must have. If you would like to capture all parts of screen, you can press Windows key and Print Screen key. But, if you want to capture only a part of the screen, you can press Windows key + Shift + S. this command will open Snip & Sketch tool. Just click and drag the box to create a screenshot.

  • Shut down the background apps.

Background apps can send any notifications, receive info, and stay updated. But, if you do not use them, they can suck the battery and data especially if your device is connected with mobile hotspot. If you want to control the running apps on the background, you can go to Setting > Privacy>Background Apps. Then, if you want to shut down all apps, you can click on Let Apps run in the background Off. Besides, you also can select certain app to run in your background.

That’s all some tips for using Windows 10. Those tips are applicable for all Windows 10 Laptops.

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