The Comparison of Microsoft Windows 10 and MacOS Mojave

Windows and MacOS comparison
Windows and MacOS comparison

Microsoft does not stop offering the technology growth on its operating system, Windows 10. Apple also does the same. We all are the witness both Microsoft Windows and Apple’s MacOS. At this moment, it can be said that Windows conquers the major market share if it is compared to MacOS.

Nevertheless, it is still debatable which operating system is the best, Windows or MacOS? Before determining which one is the best, it is required to know the difference and the comparison between Windows and MacOS. Here we try to present the comparison of Windows 10 and MacOS Mojave.

  • Design

MacOS offers the better choice of user interface, design, and usability. Apple is struggling to make this operating system better and better through the years. In the contrary, Windows still offers the features that Apple has had.

  • Virtual Assistant.

Apple launched its virtual assistant, Siri in 2010. Then, Microsoft introduced its virtual assistant, Cortana in 2015. Apple’s Siri works well with Apple ecosystem. Unfortunately, Microsoft’s Cortana cannot be integrated with the mobile operating system. Siri also can handle and answer the questions better than Cortana.

  • Dark Mode.

Both Microsoft and Apple offer this feature. With a release of MacOS Mojave, Apple introduced the dark mode syste. Microsoft also introduced the dark mode when it updated Windows 10.

  • Gaming.

If we talk about gaming, Windows can beat Apple’s MacOS. MacOS only offers a few games in AppStore. So, if you are a gamer, you should choose Windows laptop.

  • Windows Explorer VS Finder.

This factor is a personal preference. Some people may feel that MacOS Finder is faster. But, others may feel that Windows Explorer is faster.

  • Updates and Durability.

MacOS is offered bundled with MacBooks and Apple Macs. But, You can install Windows in mostly laptop and PC. Windows updates its OS twice a year. Usually it will update in Spring and Autumn. Apple is also good in software update. Even you have late 2011 MacBook, it still can receive the last MacOS updates, McOS High Sierra.

  • Price

If we talk about the money value, Apple products and MacOS offers premium product with high price. Besides, Windows offers more affordable products.

  • Privacy

It can be said that Apple offers the safest operating system. But, Microsoft also improves the user privacy lately.

From the explanation above, can you conclude which one is the best? It may be difficult to select which one is the greatest. It is because each operating system has the strength and weakness. To improve your laptop performance, you can install Windows apps or Mac Apps.

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