The Best Wallpaper Apps for MacBook

best wallpaper apps for Mac
best wallpaper apps for Mac

When you are bored with your default wallpaper on your MacBook, you need to hunt awesome pictures. But, when you download wallpaper from Aol Desktop Gold Support and change it manually, it really takes much time. So, you need a user-friendly wallpaper apps that can provide gorgeous picture for your MacBook home screen.

Before selecting the best Mac Wallpaper Apps, there are some criteria you must consider. First, is the wallpaper collection. The best wallpaper apps should have a ton of wallpaper collections. The next is about wallpaper quality. The great apps should offers the image with HD quality. Another criteria is the user interface. The wallpaper apps must be user friendly and easy to navigate.

Here are some wallpaper apps for Macs we recommend to you.

  • The Winners.

This app is developed by MacPaw. It is the latest update of Wallpaper Wizard. This app offers various collection of HD wallpapers. You can search for the wallpaper by category such as nature view or urban landscape. This app also has minimalist and user-friendly interface so that anyone will be able to use it easily.

  • Unsplash Wallpapers.

It is the official application of Unsplash API. This app offers high resolution image taken by talented photographers. You can find gorgeous collection of urban landscape and nature images.

  • Irvue

This is a menu bar app which can helps the users to refresh the desktop background. This app is easy to use. Besides, it offers customization option and many features. You also can change your wallpaper automatically. Irvue also supports channel so that you are enable to control the wallpaper collection instead of viewing the random wallpapers.

  • Live Desktop.

If you are searching for Live Wallpaper Apps, this app can be the answer. This app provides HD quality of animated pictures. Some wallpapers are also integrated with sound effect. So, now your Mac desktop will not be boring anymore since you can add ocean waves, waving flag, roaring lion, and many more.

  • Satellite Eyes.

This app can change your Mac desktop background automatically based on your location. It can set the satellite view of your location as the wallpaper by using Bing Map, Mapbox, Stamen Design, as well as Thunderforest. This app also offers various map styles such as pencil drawing or watercolor.

  • 24 Hour Wallpaper.

This app is compatible with MacOS 0. Or MacOS Mojave Dynamic Desktop. It offers a lot of wallpaper collections in HD resolution. You also can adjust the time preference so this app can reflect the time on your current location.

Those are Macbook tips to change the wallpaper. Now, you can make your desktop more attractive.

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