The Best Mac Apps for Everyday Use

Best Mac Apps
Best Mac Apps

MacOS as Apple’s computer operating system is actually efficient, stable, as well as aesthetically pleasing. But, Apple always refuses to provide the simple features that can make the users easier. Besides, the stock of Mac Apps in Apple store is limited. Therefore, more MacBook users expect in other programs.

Luckily, you can use downloadable program that can overcome this problem. You can download Mac Apps that will make your life easier. Some apps may not be free. But, you can use the trial version to check whether those apps are worth to buy. Here are some MacOS apps that will ease your life.

  1. For User Experience.

If you are searching for Mac Apps to improve the users’ experience, there are several apps you can try.

  • BetterSnapTool

You can view two apps side by side by using BetterSnapTool. If you do not want to resize window border, this app is worth to buy only with $3.

  • Alfred

This app is the alternative of search tool on MacOS. This app enables you to create the custom shortcuts for your file folder and program. This app is free to install.

  • Adguard

This app helps you to block the social media extension, URL direct, pop-up ads, etc. You can use two-week trial. But, if you like this app, you can pay $2.49 per month.

  1. Better Writing Experience.

The application below will be able to improve your writing performance.

  • LibreOffice

If you are tired of using Apple’s Office Suite, you can download LibreOffice. The features are spreadsheet editor and word processor. It is also compatible with all types of Microsoft files.

  • Ulysses

If you want to write longer test or story, Ulysses can be your choice. It offers clean user interface. This app is suitable for writing novel, scripts, or short stories.

  1. Better Viewing Experience.
  • ApolloOne

It is a heavy-duty image viewer. This app allows you to edit  as well as view the metadata. This app is suitable for photographer or anyone who has a lot of pictures to organize.

  • VLC Media Player.

This app is a great video player. You also can use it to convert one file type to another type.

  1. Better Organization.
  • Hazel

Making all your folders tidy perhaps needs much effort. You need to sort your files. But, using Hazel can simplify that process. This app helps you to sort the folders by name, type, date, and many more.

  • Shift

You can link all social media and email by using Shift. You just need one app window in order to open all of your tasks. By using Shift, you can hook up your Instagram, Gmail, Facebook, Spotify, Airbnb, Google Docs, and many more.

To make your screen incredible, you also can install Wallpaper apps for MacBook.

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