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Login. RegisID. Password I understand logging in to this system is work time and I must report all hours according to the Timeclock Policy. I also understand that applying for personal benefits/leave/sick pay is not work time and should not be reported. LOG IN. – Login Regis Employee Account …

New hires who have yet to login to the Regis Connect portal must first set up an account by clicking the Activate New Account link and verifying a date of birth, last name, and first name. Employees who wish to review a list of approved site that can be accessed at anytime without logging into the portal can click the Site for Anytime Access link.

Password Management Framework 3.1.a

Enter your RegisID below to answer some questions that only you would know. If you don’t know your RegisID, another associate can find it under your name in the RegisConnect Employee Directory.

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Helpful hints for accessing your account. Learn about Multifactor Authentication. Recommended browsers Regis Corporation is the largest hair salon chain in the world which owns brands like Supercuts, SmartStyle, Cost Cutters, First Choice Haircutters, Roosters, Regis Salons, Mastercuts etc. Regisconnect | login at KeywordSpace. Regis employees. other users. log-in and password tools for all current regis employees:. regis log-in. forgotten/expired password?. activate new account for first time field or dc users. log-in for all other users:. hair

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