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Panda Research Review: Legit Income or Scam? (Jan 2021)
The website address is The webpage loads pretty quickly. The website seems to be very simple and to be frank quite old fashioned. What stuck out from the usual on the website was the copyright text at the bottom, which is one of the first things to check for on any survey website.

Panda Research Review 2021 | Is it Legit or a Scam?

When you first go to, you’ll notice that their website looks very dated. You can tell that they haven’t updated the design in several years. Bad design is not a deal breaker, but it can make a lot of users wary of the authenticity of the program.

Panda Research – 3 Reasons why Panda Research is a Scam!
Domain Name: PANDARESEARCH.COM This does not instil any confidence in the prospective user at all. We do not know anything about the background of the company and location from this. Furthermore, they do not have a contact page on their website at all. There is no about us page, so we do not know who they are.

Panda Research Reviews – 12 Reviews of …

12 reviews for Panda Research, 1.3 stars: ‘There’s absolutely no way you’re getting 60 bucks for a 5-minute survey in which you enter your credit card/name/address/etc… Like most of the reviews, I have had 100 bucks for a year and all it says for all the completed surveys is that it’s “viewed”. So don’t waste your time because you are not getting a penny from this site.’

Panda Research a Scam or Legitimate? | Reviews – ScamXposer

Panda Research a Scam or Legitimate? | Reviews

Panda Research is an offers site found at and is owned by A and A Marketing in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. You must be at least eighteen years old and up to join, and a U.S. citizen. Panda Research states that you might make three cents to a quarter for reading emails and about $3 to $75 on surveys.

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