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MoneySKILL en Español “I like MoneySKILL because it prepares students to make adult decisions, using materials that treat them as adults, not to mention that it’s free. Much of the curriculum in high school personal finance tends to provide materials that seem more appropriate for middle school.

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Welcome to MoneySKILL®! In this program, you will have an opportunity to get the basics of money-management by looking at income, expenses, saving and investing, credit, and insurance. The high school/college course is offered as all or part of a course in economics, math, social studies, or wherever personal finances are taught.

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MoneySKILL ® educates students of all ages on the basic understanding of money-management fundamentals. The course includes the content areas of income, expenses, saving and investing, credit, and insurance.

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MoneySKILL in Career & Technical Education Classes (Flyer) Learn more about the specific ways in which MoneySKILL courses can benefit Career & Technical Education (CTE) classes. Supplemental Videos Per MoneySKILL Module A list of educational video links and classroom discussion questions to supplement the MoneySKILL course content.

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