MacBook Tips and Tricks You Must Try

macbook tips and tricks
macbook tips and tricks

If you are the new use of MacBook, you can improve your experience in using this device by applying some tips from us. Doing Mac Tips and tricks below enables you to be more productive. Be sure, learning the new thing will make your life easier.

It does not matter whether you are running MacOS Catalina or the previous version of MacBook operating system. You still can do the tips below on any OS run in your device. Besides, Mac secret tips below also can be applied in any Mac models such as MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, and iMac.

Here are practical tips on using Mac that will boost your productivity.

  • Turn the folder into cute emoji.

You can differentiate any folder easier by turning it into emoji. First, you need to create a new folder on Desktop. Then, search any emoji on Google search. Drag the emoji to the desktop. Double click the emoji in order to open it. If you want to make the transparent emoji, you can press the markup icon. Just click the image background and click Edit > Cut. Click and drag the box on the emoji. Click Edit then select all. Press the key Command + C. Click get Info. Click the blue folder icon and press the button Command + V.

  • Reset the password when you are locked out.

It does not matter if you forget your Mac password. You can log back to your device by doing the simple steps below.  First, you need to turn off Mac. Press Command + R and power button. Hold these button until you see the progress bar under Apple logo. Then, click on Utilities > terminal. Just type resetpassword and press return. Then, you will be able find Rest Password Tool. You can set a new user.

  • Do calculation in Spotlight.

Spotlight is one of features offered by Mac. This tool can be used to speed up your computing skill. As the example, you can use this feature to convert currency or use it as calculator. To do calculation, you just need to type any calculation on the search bar.

  • Use Emoji from keyboard.

Emoji is not only used in the text on your smartphone. Any app and web page use emoji too. You can even type emoji on Microsoft Word and Google Docs. To type emoji from the keyboard, you can go to menu bar then click Edit > Emoji & Symbol. Besides you also can use a shortcut Control + Command + Space.

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