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Canvas & OEI FAQ: Los Angeles Valley College
Canvas is a cloud-native learning platform and learning management system. It is the course management system selected by the OEI. In Canvas ‘ own words… ” Canvas is the 21st Century LMS.

Student Portal: Los Angeles Valley College

To better serve you and help you meet your educational goals, the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) had upgraded its Student Information System (SIS)—the LACCD Student Portal.. The mobile enhanced Student Portal allows you register for classes, add a class with a permission number, pay student fees, access your campus email, and much more—at any time, from …

lavc canvas – Login Helped
How do I register for online classes at Los Angeles Valley College? How do I login to Canvas for the first time (New Students)? How do I get live in-person technical help with Canvas at LAVC? What number do I call for after-hours help with Canvas? Announcements: How do I reply to an announcement? Assignments: How do I submit an assignment online?

Los Angeles Valley College Library: Using the Canvas …
enter the name of our college: Los Angeles Valley College. Tap on our college name from the list: Los Angeles Valley College. Log in with your student login and password. For step-by-step instructions on how to use the Canvas Student app (basic overview, settings, features, etc.), see the appropriate link for your device: Android; iOS

Ask the Help Desk: Los Angeles Valley College

The dedicated Canvas Live Chat is open 24/7 to faculty and students and should be used as a first resort. These are well-trained professionals who can answer your questions right away via the Canvas Help – Live Chat. Please use them as much as possible. Canvas Support & Live Chat

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