Best Apps for Windows 10 You Must Install for your Laptop

best windows 10 apps
best windows 10 apps

There are a huge numbers of Windows 10 Apps you can download from Microsoft store. Microsoft stated in 2018 that there are more than 35 million apps on its platform. A lot of apps makes you difficult to select the most useful apps.

To make you easier to select the best app for your Windows 10, here we list down several recommended Windows 10 apps you must download for your PC. What are they? Check this out.

  • Norton Security 360 Deluxe.

If you are searching for the best antivirus app for your Windows, you can install this app. It provides comprehensive security in order to protect your data. Besides, this software also can analyze your files’ behavior. This way, Norton can protect your PC from malware. Norton also offers cloud backup feature. This way, you can store your documents and files up to 50 GB. Besides, you will also get a VPN to protect your personal data when you are browsing.

  • Google Chrome.

Looking for the best web browser for Windows 10? The answer is Google Chrome. This app is the most popular browser since it has simple user interface. Even you use the desktop version or mobile version, you will be able to understand the search and result bar easily.

  • Mozilla Thunderbird.

It can be said as the best email app. This free email app enables you to manage many email accounts. Has Smart Folder feature that helps you consolidate the sent email, inbox, as well as the archive folder.

  • VLC

VLC is a video player for Windows 10. This app was launched in 2001. It can decode various video files such as MKV and MPEG. You also can use this app to play CD and DVD. This app helps you to watch video easier even the download has not completed yet.

  • FastStone Image Viewer.

This app can be a choice when you are searching for photo viewer app for Windows 10. This app does not only serve as a photo browser but also an image editor. FastStone can support all graphic formats. You can do some editing activities such as resizing, cropping, removing red eye, etc.

  • FlashbackExpress.

This app is useful to record your screen. You can capture the webcame, screen, or even the audio. The free version of this app only allows you to record your screen only. But, you can use the paid version if you want to be able to edit the record result.

Installing Windows 10 Apps is not enough to improve your productivity. You also need to learn Windows 10 tips and tricks to make you more professional.

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