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AT&T Employee and Retiree Discount Self-Service Site
Be sure to enter your last name as it appears on official AT&T records (eLink for employees and pension records for retirees). You can use letters, numbers, apostrophes (‘), dashes (-), periods (.), commas (,), and spaces. Last 4 digits of your SSN. This lets us know if you’re an employee or retiree. …

What Services Does the AT&T Benefits Center Offer?

The AT&T Benefits Center offers medical and alternative care products, insurance and personalized services to AT&T’s employees and retirees. The center also allows AT&T employees to enroll in the Employee Assistance Program, which offers expert financial guidance to employees, retirees and their families. AT&T built the Benefits Center to cater to the welfare of its workforce and retirees.

Where to Obtain AT&T Pension and Benefit Information

Where to find AT&T benefit information. AT&T Access is home to all employee and retiree benefit information, including life insurance, health insurance and more. For family members of deceased employees/retirees, this should be their first contact; here, they can get assigned with a case worker. Contact information: AT&T Access. 877-722-0020 .


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